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Car rental at Ostend-Bruges airport. Rent a car with Naniko

According to the latest data Bruges is inhabited by approximately of 120,000 people including suburbs. It is disposed in the north-west of Belgium, and is the center of the province of West Flanders. Through channels town is connected to the port of Zeebrugge, which has an active development. In the Middle Ages, Bruges was an important commercial city. Bruges, today, amongst the most beautiful cities of Belgium, with a well-preserved medieval architecture and landscapes. Bruges is often compared with Venice because of the channels. It often hosts various cultural festivals throughout the year, including music festivals and celebration of beer or chocolate.

In order to successfully realize a business trip or to go to an entertaining journey, an important factor is the presence of a suitable means for moving, so most travelers choose the services of car for rent from Bruges Airport and calmly hit the road without any worries. The company Naniko clearly understands the needs of its customers and offers a service system based on customer needs. High functionality and effective security systems contribute to the creation of your comfortable travel.

Rid yourself of any stress and take advantage of the ideal auto rental at Bruges airport from Naniko!

As a rule, we recommend to book cars in advance, which gives an opportunity to get more interesting rates and find possible periodic discounts, but you can also make an order on the day of withdrawal of cars.

We have no fees and charge for the service or the reservation process. Also, there are no hidden costs.

Additional services, including assistive devices, such as winter accessories, luggage basket, navigation, child seats and another, always have their value specified separately from the rental services.

We also have an option of additional driver, which you can specify when booking and must provide his documents, so that we can specify the necessary details in the lease agreement.

To hire a car always have an age limit, which may vary depending on the model of car, or the regulation of a particular country. The minimum age is 21 years in most cases.

In the proposed tariffs we initially consider the cost of insurance and all the local taxes, also offer unlimited mileage.

Get unbeatable prices, discounts and range of bonuses from Naniko for vehicle rental in Bruges airport!

Ostend-Bruges Airport is among the most important airports in Belgium. Passenger traffic here is about 248.000 people a year. The airport was opened in 1968 and here are offered as domestic routes, also international flights. Ostend-Bruges has a good connection to cities such as Bruges, Ghent and Ostend. The airport has two runways and well equipped terminal.

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