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Bratislava, being the capital of Slovakia, is a small town, which attracts its visitors with a its historical treasures and beautiful surroundings, many castles and ancient ruins, fascinating museums and charming traditional villages.

In order to better integrate into the atmosphere of the city and to discover all its riches will definitely need to have a convenient means of travel, and the most sensible option for this is a car rent in Bratislava. Thus, you easily and with pleasure will travel and discover the untouched nature and ancient folk customs, understand the local pace of life, enjoy the rafting on the artificial or natural thresholds of Danube.

Arrange a peerless holiday with the facilities of auto rental in Bratislava at low rates from Naniko!

The application form on our website will allow you to quickly get all desired options on the display, and pointing out all the required nuances, you will in seconds complete the booking process.

After receiving confirmation of the reservation by the voucher, you can then free of charge make modification in order or remove it, following a two-day period before the commencement of the lease.

To receive a car you must have a valid passport and driver’s license, which, in the case, if issued in a language that is not readable in the country of  rent, for example, in the Chinese, Arabic and other, must provide also one of international standard.

Through our website you can make an order in the name of another person, that when making a rental contract and receiving the car must be present in person.

The navigation system GPS and also the winter or other accessories you can order and pay beforehand or directly at our offices.

In some cases, there are special offers for which you can receive as a bonus a GPS system with the vehicle or one of the other accessories.

Find out all the details and beneficial advantages for vehicle hire in Bratislava through the site of!

Among the interesting places in the city will certainly be noted Bratislava Castle or Hrad, which rises on a hill above the old town and is a true symbol of the capital of Slovakia. This fortress was built in the tenth century and is an  impressive building with four corner towers, which over the centuries has undergone several restorations, until got the present form in the Renaissance style. Today in the castle is presented a collection of the Slovak National Museum.
With its dominant position, the fortress clearly looming on the horizon of Bratislava. From a height of 85 meters, you can enjoy incomparable views of the Danube and on a clear day you can see in the distance Vienna and some other cities.

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