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Low cost car rental in Bratislava Airport. Cheap deals for rent a car with Naniko

During already more than one decades Slovakia is ranked among the top tourist destinations for visitors from around the world. Question of arrival here is facilitated by the presence of international airports, where are many flights made in any direction.
Planning the arrival to Bratislava, you will land at the international airport of Rastislav Stefanik, which is about 30 minutes of driving from the city center. Although this is a relatively small airport, but has the ability to accommodate the largest airliners. There are various airlines offering the low- priced flights. The fact that the airport itself is of small scale, leads to easy availability of different services and walking paths are shorter and you’re less tired. Here is available a shuttle service that takes passengers to the main train station, also to Vienna International Airport.
You can also use other modes of transport to move around the city. However, a more preferred method is a car rent in Bratislava Airport, which has its undeniable advantages in terms of efficiency and in terms of cost.

Save yourself from the hassle and inconvenience thanks of using the auto rental at Bratislava Airport from the company Naniko!

Our rates are all inclusive and no any hidden costs, so prices do not change for you.
For information on the cost of the additional services, you can always contact our courteous operators, or check it in the relevant section.
Your documents required for implementation of the lease should have a shelf life of at least one year, and if the driver’s license is issued not in the Latin alphabet, it also required one of international standard.

Available the option of additional driver, which you can specify when booking or directly at registration of the lease contract.

Car delivery can be performed by your address.

For all our cars offered very favorable millage without restriction, and if unforeseen problems on the road you can rely on our technical support.

Get detailed information on all the benefits by Naniko for vehicle rental from Bratislava Airport!

Bratislava Airport is disposed approximately nine kilometers from the center. Railway connection is not available. In recent years greatly increased the flow of passengers, since it is used by those travelers who want to get to the neighboring countries. Instead of small dimensions of the terminal it offers the whole range of relevant international services. There are shops and food outlets, you can use the services of the Information Office and many others.

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