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Compare the tariffs of car rental in Bishkek airport. Offers for rent a car with Naniko

Despite the fact that Bishkek lately celebrated its 125th anniversary of its founding and it seems that it is quite a young city, in fact, its origins go back to ancient times. Evidence of settlements found here refer to the beginning of the Iron Age, when the territory was inhabited by tribal peoples. Denomination of the city has a particular meaning , and derives from the name of wooden container used for the conversion of dairy products, in particular for producing koumiss, fermented mare’s milk, which is a national drink.

Considering the variety of options and ways to move during the trip, the majority finds that the car rent at the airport in Bishkek is the most effective transport to get great experience and make all scheduled during this business trip or holiday. The company Naniko, by constant researching of the market offers in this area will provide you with the best final price for services.

The most profitable packages of auto rental in Bishkek airport with minimal costs via!

The cost presented for payment of services has expanded to include all local taxes and insurance. but this does not include the amount of deposit necessary as a guarantee in case of damage to the machine over the lease period. This sum is completely refundable at the end of the contract, subject to all the rules.

You have a chance to get special offers and discounted rates at various promotions of our company. While such actions you often can save up to 50% in comparison with the normal rates.

Always there are age restrictions for renting a vehicle and, as a rule, it is 21 year with two years of driving practice. But in each case it is better to consider and clarify the details in fact.

As a rule, in our cars you will be able to cross the border of the country, if your plans comprise a trip to the neighboring countries. At the preparation of the lease contract is necessary to coordinate this with us and therefore to obtain the written permission.

As our company has its own parkland you can be sure that you will get exactly the car that you select. In exceptional unexpected cases, if chosen auto is unavailable, you will be provided by a model of the same category, or more advanced one.

Your advantageous trip starts with a successful deal of vehicle rent at the airport in Bishkek by Naniko!

Manas International Airport was constructed in the late 60-ies of the last century, and the first aircraft was landed here in 1974. Today it is the largest Kyrgyz airport that serves about a million passengers a year. There is planned the reconstruction and expansion of both the terminal and upgrade the radar and modernization of the runway.

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