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Car rental in Latvia. Rent a car at affordable rates with Naniko

A couple of decades ago Latvia was not so popular for mass tourism, but since achieving an independence, and the opening of borders many people choose this destination for traveling and discovering the hiding priceless gems of local architecture and beautiful nature. This Baltic country offers a lot of opportunities, and it’s amazing splendor of the capital Riga, which provides access to a unique culture where you can submerse yourself in the atmosphere of traditional life.

In order to obtain the maximum efficacy of your trip, whatever are your goals, it’s best to rent an auto in Latvia and in complete tranquility master any direction. Unlike other means of travel, such as taxi or shuttle buses, in the posses of own car, you can independently create the routes and thus save a considerable amount.

Discover all the advantages of auto rental in Latvia, provided by the company Naniko!

Our booking system will provide you just a few clicks with complete overview of the available vehicles of our fleet, where you will discover all categories of cars from economical small cars to elegant models, 4×4 or more spacious minivans.

The place of receiving the vehicle can select by yourself from the list of our offices and also there is an opportunity to order the delivery of the car to the airport or anywhere you want.

Before the start of the rental be inquired about the necessity of having the required in the country documents, as well as about the general details and rules of the lease. So, for example, the tenant must be no less 21 years old. In some cases, it takes several years of experience of driving.

Your driver’s license must comply with the specific requirements of the country and if they are issued in a language not readable in this country, then you must also be in possession of one of the international standard.

All the best suggestions of vehicle rental in Latvia you will find at low rates from Naniko!

In Latvia, in addition to its capital, there are many beautiful places and cities to visit. On the littoral of the Baltic Sea is the port city of Ventspils, where is beautifully preserved historic center, one of the oldest and most romantic in Europe. Here you can see the castle, which seems the illustration of the storybook. The lovers of lively night life will enjoy the visit of Liepaja, where is a lot of entertainment possibility until dawn. To immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere you can visit the town of Cesis with a magnificent castle, where there are also the first Latvian brewery.

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