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Learn more details about car rental in Baku. The necessary information for rent a car with Naniko

Baku is situated on the Absheron Peninsula and offers magnificent views of the Caspian Sea. The historical city center is represented in all the splendor of its ancient buildings, and also you can visit the amusement parks, shopping malls, typical for the region bars and gorgeous beaches. In short, here is everything for a full and comfortable stay.

In order to strengthen the positive emotions when visiting the city, or simply to provide yourself with a convenient means of travel, most people who come here prefer to hire a car in Baku. With this you can easily and without discomfort of public transport go to discover any attractions and stop in any place that you like.

The lowest prices and a lot of super deals you will get from Naniko for auto rental in Baku!

All our vehicles offered for hire are insured against risks, and the rental price already includes the cost of insurance and all taxes. For more information about the type of insurance package you can request from our experts

In our vehicles you can travel across the country and even cross the border and to return the car is not necessarily to the starting point, you just can refund it to any of our office closest to your final destination of the trip.

The car you get in top condition, clean and without any defects, and must be returned in the same condition. Deposit amount you leave as a guarantor for the safety of the vehicle will be refunded in full at the end of the rental contract in case of compliance with all regulations.

Although initially clearly stipulates the lease term in the contract, you can always extend the rental period, telling us about it 24 hours before the end of the term.

On our site you can often find deals on certain areas, seasonal discounts, special conditions and packages for corporate or for regular customers and, thus, will be able to save even more.

As a leader in the market of car rental we will always find for you the best services and you will discover the great commitment of our staff to provide you with the convenience and comfort not only during the booking process, but also during the entire trip.

Discover the best range of options for vehicle rental in Baku provided by worldwide company Naniko!

The entire urban territory of ​​Baku is divided into three areas, each characterized by its own peculiarities. So, in the historic center you certainly will see the medieval Palace of the Shirvan Shahs, Maiden’s Tower and other, in the areas built during the Soviet period are conspicuous the characteristic massive architecture of the buildings, and the modern areas will surprise you with their Art Nouveau style and a variety of cutting-edge style.

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