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Athens and the glory of ancient Greece since ancient times excite the hearts and minds of millions of people who annually visit the capital, proudly guarding its more than 3,400 years of history. There will not be indifferent anybody, observing the beauty of the ancient culture, so perfectly preserved in the numerous archaeological sites and passed the test of time. To the Parthenon, which dominates the Acropolis from 438 BC, millions of people flock to experience the ambience of an ancient civilization and once again revive in imagination the scene speeding chariots and the horsemen, or mythological characters. Indescribable emotions cover anyone when watching from the Acropolis at this enormous city, with more than three and a half million inhabitants and is surrounded by three mountains Parnitha, Ymettos and Pendeli.

After inspecting the Propylaea, which is a monumental entrance to the sacred area dedicated to Athena, the Erechtheion and Athena Nike temple, you can walk along the street Theorias, immersed in green and get to the old district of Plaka, or go down the Thisio, where you can rest in restaurants and cafes.

To get a better feel the diversity and splendor of this city, it is better to take advantage of services of car rent in Athens provided via and, of course, easier and freer than public transport, to move in any direction.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient capital of the world with the comfort of a auto hire in Athens from Naniko!

Payment for services can be implemented as by online payment, or directly in our office.

In addition to the total cost, there is also the deposit amount, which is the guarantor in the event of damage to the vehicle during the rental.

Delivery of cars can be ordered in any desired location.

At reception of car should provide personal documents, in accordance with the required standards in the country.

About the special offers, discounts or free accessories, you will always be informed by our operators, if there are any.

All privileges and benefits in one package of services from the company Naniko for vehicle rental in Athens!

After enjoying plenty of wonders of the ancient culture, many people want to spend the evening in the style of a modern fun, which are filled with many of the areas of Psiri with its typical restaurants and neoclassical houses, which got its fame thanks to the cultural center of the district Technopolis, where are more than 60 restaurants and bars, nightclubs with huge terraces, and 20 theaters and outdoor cinemas. Athens miraculously holds a mysterious historical figure from the beginning of times and to the extravagant modernity of our days.

Walking through its streets and alleys, you can visit the traditional handicraft shops and buy interesting souvenirs, or wander into the local taverns to enjoy such delicacies as moussaka, Greek salad and feta cheese.

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