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Albania, located between the Adriatic and Ionian seas, has 3.6 million inhabitants and is bordered by several European countries. The majority of the territory is covered by mountains and the highest peak is the Maja Korabit with the height of 2,764 m. In the west the country has 362 km of coastline, where there are plenty of sandy beaches.. Albania is very notable for the presence of numerous national parks with untouched nature, especially in the north Theti is a popular tourist attraction where you can make interesting excursions. The country is also rich in traditions of folk music.

The transport system of the country quite recently was at the level of the communist era, might say, is underdeveloped, but to date, the major cities already have more advanced system of roads. Taking into account many aspects, the preferred means of transportation for travelers is a car rented in Albania. Via the site of you can easily find a variety of offers and range of vehicles, among which undoubtedly will be exactly the model of car that most will fit your travel style.

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Given the recently passed difficult stages of the history, Albania today already represented as a country that has managed to regain its former splendor, and partly is still on the path to perfection. This country is undoubtedly full of archaeological monuments of great importance, breathtaking sceneries, exciting cities and, of course, the incomparable natural areas that deserve attention.
Among the archaeological site you can see the remains of Greek and Roman settlements, preserved until now in fair condition. Among the most interesting may be noted Butrint, Saranda, where placed  a park with archaeological excavations and museum, also the Temple of Asclepius with Byzantine mosaics. You can visit the Temple of Artemis, stands out for its impressive columns, in Apollonia, which is located in a few kilometers from Fier.


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