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Unique Irish sceneries seems that somehow are endowed with the spirit of the fabulous, legendary and romantic radiate energy for its beautiful hilly and green open spaces combined with rocky cliffs and turbulent rivers. And meanwhile, the capital of this wonderful country Dublin, offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere, full of bright colors and music and is amongst the most glorious places where one can spend the great time. Ireland is also differs for the kind disposition and hospitality of its people, which immediately felt anywhere. Cork is the second by its scales city in the country offers on display to visitors interesting historical places with beautiful cathedrals and chapels. For those who like the activities in the open air is a large choice such as fishing, diving, golf, biking and much more.


To visit the wonderful Irish coast and travel lengthways the banks of the Shannon, it’s best to rent a car in Ireland and discover the wonderful world of the opportunities provided by this beautiful land, ride on the typical Irish villages of County Galway or take a trip to the mountains. The most reliable and beneficial service packages you will get from the company Naniko, which is a specialist in this field.

Explore the beautiful countryside on auto rented in Ireland at the most economical conditions by Naniko!

The basic price initially include taxes and car insurance and also provided the mileage without restriction.

Together with the payment of services at the starting of the lease you must also leave a deposit amount that will be unlocked when the vehicle is refunded if no damage or loss will be claimed.

Regulation of the fuel policy is according the options of full-full or full – empty for the consent of the parties.

As known, safety is of primary importance, especially when you are traveling with children. In accordance with the laws of Ireland must be mandatory use of child safety seats. We have a range of seats in weight and size of the child.

All the wonderful place of the emerald island in walking distance with the vehicle rental in Ireland from the company Naniko!

Visiting the wonderful routes of Ireland can be done by car, motorcycle, bicycle or even on foot. There are many extraordinary ways which will bring you to secret places of this green land, full of rivers, lakes, magic and ancient monuments. If you move to the North to explore its beauties, you will be charmed with its magnificent capital of Belfast, and toward the south will certainly need to visit Cork and many other places that are especially loved by travelers from around the world. Given the small size of the island, you can also move by bus, but to treat yourself with really a special feeling and comfort, there is nothing better than traveling by car.


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