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Car Rental at the airport in Kastrup Copenhagen. Rent a car at low rates with Naniko

Kastrup International Airport is placed on the island of Amager, near Copenhagen and provides flights all over the island Zealand, the Øresund region, also for a large part of southern Sweden. Having pre-booked auto for rent at Copenhagen Airport, you can head to the exploration of the beautiful Danish capital, along the way enjoying the incomparable beauty of Karstrup neighborhoods that are characterized by historic villages and lush natural environment. You can also visit the natural reserve of Vestamager, spread out on a large and lush open spaces, which is a home to various species of birds that can be observed from the high towers. From the airport just seven kilometers away is the town of Dragør, where there is a well-preserved historic buildings, old cobbled streets with beautiful houses. Near the aquarium also has a Blue Planet, is a famous tourist attraction, where there are five zones that reproduce the marine and lake ecosystems in the world. Going even a few km you can visit the country house in the style of Rococo Kastrupgårdsamlingen where the art museum is presented.

Reservation System via is an easy way to get your auto rented in Copenhagen airport!

We conduct continuous monitoring in the rental market, so we can provide the most competitive rates, which are already taken into account taxes and the cost of auto insurance.

Here you will find the best offers, interesting service packages tailored to the needs of the customer, bonus systems and various periodic discounts.

Among the benefits are the absence of any fees or hidden costs. Prices for any additional services are indicated separately and given at your choice.

A wide diapason of vehicles in our own fleet will provide you with exactly that vehicle which is necessary for your riding style.

In the spectrum of additional services you can choose the accessories, services of professional chauffeurs, additional driver option and much more.

If necessary, adjust or cancel the order you will have no other costs or penalties if you perform the procedure in compliance with the two-day period before the commencement of the lease.

You get the best price from Naniko on vehicle rental at Kastrup airport in Copenhagen!

Kastrup Airport is disposed 10 km from Copenhagen and around 24 km from the Swedish city of Malmo. It made numerous flights in different directions, and the average annual passenger flow exceeds 21 million people. The airport was opened in 1925 and currently has three passenger and one cargo terminal. There is a new railway line connecting the airport with the metro system in Copenhagen. Here, in addition to the multiple services offered as storage for travelers.

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