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Book your desired car for hire in Bulgaria. Rent a car with Naniko

Magnificent country Bulgaria, placed in the Balkans and on the west coast of the Black Sea is amongst the most visited ones in Europe, thanks to the well-maintained tourist centers on the seaside resorts and wonderful historic places. There are lots of interesting directions for research and ideal climatic conditions for the rest. High in the mountains, you can find hiking trails, offering breathtaking views of the glacial lakes and meadows with sparse vegetation. On the coast you will find beautiful coves and picturesque beaches.

Car rental in Bulgaria is an excellent idea, both in terms of practicality and cost-efficiency, and to find the most profitable service offerings, it is better to consult a specialist in this field, which is the company Naniko. Use our booking system and within minutes get the available options of required car.

Practical information for auto rental in Bulgaria is available in the best possible way via!

Our offices are available in most Bulgarian towns and wherever is the starting point of your journey, we will deliver your car exactly there.

Depending on the goals you have projected you can choose the options of short or long-terms rental, corporate leasing, one-way rental, etc.
While traveling on a rented car be careful on the road and get some information on local regulations:

  • Be sure of availability of seat belts both at the front and rear seats.
    • Always keep in the presence a warning triangle and first aid kit.
    • To avoid the risk of theft, make sure to leave the car with the doors locked.

Thanks to our proposals with unlimited mileage, you will move in any direction without the hassle of additional costs for kilometers done.
The prices that we have already offered with included VAT and mandatory insurance. More details of insurance packages can receive from our experts.

Practicality and economy – the main characteristics of vehicle rental in Bulgaria from Naniko!

Bulgaria has roads of high quality, so any person traveling by car feels itself comfortable. But the public transport system is also well regulated. So, throughout Bulgaria there are 2625 kilometers of railroads. Even if moving by train is not expensive, it is much slower than a car.
Bulgarian is the official language, but some minorities also speak Romanian, Macedonian and Turkish. Visiting the country from mid-December and the entire winter season, you can enjoy plenty of skiing, but starting from the middle of May until the end of September will find the great weather conditions for beach holidays.

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