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Car Hire in Zagreb Airport. Affordable rates for Rent a car with Naniko

Zagreb is the main center of Croatia and disposed in a valley along the Sava River. With its great historical and cultural monuments, it attracts many tourists. In its various museums can be found treasures of the past, also you can rest, visiting parks and botanical gardens. In the upper part of Zagreb, you can see the building of the Croatian Parliament, the Church of St. Mark, here are the museums and galleries. In the so-called Lower Town is an abundance of shops, restaurants and theaters. There is another part, called Novi Zagreb, where mostly dominated by modern architecture, composed with skyscrapers and shopping malls.

Good organization is key to a successful trip, an integral part of which is considered by most travelers the car rented from Zagreb Airport. You cannot miss the chance to explore the city in complete freedom, comfortably sitting in your car. Unlike public transportation, you will be able to choose where to go and where to make a halt to admire the surroundings.

Any road are easily reachable with the services of auto rental in Zagreb airport from Naniko!

Our company provides a lot of advantages in terms of comfort and as the way of large economy.

We have the best prices, in which comprised the mandatory insurance and taxes, which saves you both from the extra hassle on this issue, and other expenses.

Perhaps you will find in some agency a lower rate, but be vigilant and verify what services are included in the price. Typically, in such cases detected hidden costs, which then increase the cost.

Our support is available to you round the clock and a courteous and skilled operators promptly provide you with the necessary information.

Together with the best prices get unlimited mileage from Naniko for vehicle rental from  Zagreb airport!

Zagreb Airport or Zracna Luka, located 14 km from the capital. It is also called Pleso, and it performs both civilian and military functions. The average flow of passengers is about 1.6 million people a year. To maintain a stable traffic growth, planned significant expansion, also construction of a new terminal and hotel. There are also plans to add a new runway.
Several low cost airlines are offering cheap flights. The existing terminal is equipped with facilities for travelers, by a certain number of shops and catering facilities. Here are a business center and several meeting rooms, which, if necessary, can be united in one hall. Also provided the services of bank and post office, contact with the first aid station can be from the central information desk.

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