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Rent a car in Dublin. Fabulously low prices on car rental with Naniko

Dublin is disposed on the River Liffey and has access to the Irish Sea. The city was originally founded by the Vikings and was a kind of a center for the slave trade. In addition to its current role of the capital, it is also a very cozy town with colorful architecture and is a vivid cultural center and a source of inspiration for many poets. Despite its impressive size, the populace of Dublin is just approximately 500,000 inhabitants.

Visiting the reservation system online on, without leaving the house, you will be able to pre-order a car rent in Dublin and in complete freedom enjoy every corner of this wonderful city, its museums, and the amazing green countryside of Ireland.

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All our prices include a mandatory auto insurance based on civil liability, also taxes, unlimited mileage and free assistance on the road.

Due to the fact that the company has multiple offices in many countries, we can provide our customers with opportunity to cross the country borders on our cars. This service is associated with a small additional cost, and in particular the cost of a notarized document allowing to travel in another country.

Through our reservation system you can make a pre-booking in the name of any person, but when you make a contract and receiving a car, the tenant must be present in person, providing own documents.

Generally, if you are a citizen of foreign country and your driver’s license issued in Latin, it is enough to carry the original document. However, when given document issued in languages such as Arabic, Chinese, and others, you must have the one of international standard.

There is no cost or penalties for changes or cancellation. It is important to observe a period of 48 hours prior the start of the lease term.

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Dublin is rightly regarded as the capital of the Irish culture, this is where James Joyce wrote his famous works Ulysses and Dubliners. Among the most important architectural monuments are the Cathedral of Christ Church and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, known as the patron saint of the city.

Well, of course, fans of pubs and nightclubs will not miss the chance to visit the Temple Bar district, where disposed the famous eponymous pub. It is also interesting to visit the brewery of Guinness, which from mid-1700 made famous beer Guinness.

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