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Croatia is disposed in the central Europe and covers three geographic areas, which include the Adriatic littoral,the mountain range of Dinarides and Pannonian lowland with several hills. Majority of the rivers crossing the country, belong to the Black Sea basin, but some of them also fall into the Adriatic Sea. Depending on the area also changing the climate and in the waterside region dominated by hot summers and mild, wet winters on the plains is the moderate continental climate, while mountainous regions varies depending on the altitude.

If you planned to explore the country in its entirety, or to implement specific plans, your real assistant in this matter will be the service of car rented in Croatia and via you can find the best deals at reasonable rates. You can easily and comfortably be able to visit the beautiful historic cities, valuable monuments, beautiful natural parks and reserves, or luxuriate on the marvelous beaches of the shore of Croatia.

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Insurance coverage and existing taxes are already comprised in the prices provided to you, no hidden costs, which would then increase the total price of services.

Payment for the ordered services can always be made to your preference, whether online payment, bank transfer or cash in the rental point.

Also, the sum of the deposit paid at the lease beginning, which is defined as a guarantee in case of damage, fuel costs or other. Subject to all rules of rental, the deposit is fully refundable.

Voucher of reservation shall be carried in the receiving of the vehicle. Although it contains all the details of your order, it is not the equal to contract. The lease agreement will be done in our office.

Additional accessories are often required for certain travel style, you can choose and pay for on-site of pickup of your car.

The best way to know the country in all its glory is a vehicle rental in Croatia by Naniko!

In Croatia there are countless historical monuments, churches, castles and fortresses surrounded by stunning sceneries. To see survived evidence of the Roman times it is possible to visit such monuments as the Pula and the Roman Forum in Zadar or the Diocletian’s Palace in Split.

Dubrovnik, which is disposed in the Dalmatia region, recognized amongst the most beautiful places in the world. It is placed on the beach and is encircled by ancient walls, covering almost 25 kilometers with 16 observation towers, from which you can admire the wonderful views of the crystal clear sea.

Unforgettable experience will be a visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park, which includes 16 lakes linked by waterfalls. In the territory of park are also several caves, forests and flowering fields.

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