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With its more than a million of inhabitants, Zagreb is the most crowded city in Croatia and consists of two parts, Gornji Grad meaning Old Town and Donji grad – the modern part. Zagreb has an abundance of attractions that have a great historical value. In Gornji Grad is presented medieval architecture, where you can see the neo-Gothic cathedral, which is at the same time a symbolic structure, also the church of St. Mark, which is covered with painted tiles. From the medieval tower Lotrščak every day at noon shoot out of a cannon. Meanwhile, Dornji Grad is a more lively part, where you can visit various museums. Here you can stroll through the farmer’s market Dolac and purchase fresh groceries.

Those who do not want to lose any chance to enjoy all the delights of the city, always give preference to use a car for hire in Zagreb and can also go to the interior of the country, to visit the ancient town of Split, on the Dalmatian coast, and much more. For compare and book services may be the most convenient method via, where displayed the most favorable packages and the best prices.

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Regardless of where you are going to travel, you can make a reservation through our system or by phone, where will receive a multi-lingual service.

With regard to roadside assistance, if necessary, you will always get it promptly and efficiently by our technical team.

Upon receipt of the vehicle, it is necessary to provide also a voucher in addition to personal documents, which contains the most important nuances of your order, such as the type of car, cost and other important details.

After you have carried out an order by phone or via the Internet, payment can be made by any beneficial for you method, by online payment, cash or by bank transfer.

Insurance, including liability towards third parties and the coating is damaged and / or stolen, already comprised in the rental price, as well as all local taxes.

No need for any additional costs if you have to do some changes to the order or annul  it up to 48 hours before the receiving of the vehicle.

All the benefits and unlimited mileage on vehicle rental in Zagreb provided to you by the company Naniko!

In Zagreb, a lot of interesting things to see, even for a short period of time.

The most crowded and lively at the bottom of the city is the Preradovića square, where you can admire the beautiful flower market and see performances of street actors.

It is interesting to visit the Mimara Museum, located in the neo-Renaissance-style building, and see a valuable collection of art exhibits.

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