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Find your ideal car hire in Copenhagen. Best savings via rent a car with Naniko

Copenhagen is a beautiful city with a unique charm and is presented to visitors as a fascinating kingdom where all is possible in some fabulous. Even wandering aimlessly through the streets, you can get a unique experience of immersion in this extraordinary world and enjoy its special architecture. Via colorful channels you can get to the old port of Nyhavn, or easy access to the city center. The traditional and entertaining spectacle, surprising with its pomp is a change of guard at the Royal Palace Amalienborg. No less fascinating is the night walking around Copenhagen, where you can see the opera house, with lights reflecting in the water and landscapes creating the perfect romantic atmosphere.

Complete freedom of movement and independent choice of destinations and of course a huge saving of your budget is provided to you by a car rented in Copenhagen. Among the colorful bridges, high-tech and modern areas and urban centers, and in fact, the fairy of nature to drive a car in Denmark is not only convenient, but also very pleasant.

Get virtually unlimited choice of offers of auto rental in Copenhagen by Naniko!

Due to the improved structure of the services and the online booking system through the website Naniko you can easily select the desired vehicle. In a matter of seconds, the system will give you the result on the requested parameters.

To sign a lease the tenant must provide with personal documents, in which need to take into account their compliance with the required standards. Particular attention should be paid to driver’s license, so as not to be faced with unforeseen circumstances.

The driver’s license should be readable in the country of rent. That is, if the document is not issued in Latin, also need an international driver’s license.

If you change your plans and want to change the model or the car, hire dates, or to cancel a reservation, try to keep within the period of two days before receipt of the car, in this case the procedure will be free.

Additional services can be ordered always when booking and also directly in the office of car reception. It the range offered the winter accessories, navigators, seats for children and much more.

A successful trip and lots of fun waiting for you when traveling by vehicle rented in Copenhagen from Naniko!

Wonderful atmosphere of Copenhagen, artistic beauty and entertainment and nightlife attract many tourists from all over the world. Among the main attractions is impossible not to note the statue of the Little Mermaid, near of which photographed thousands of people every day. Amalienborg Palace is the winter residence of the royal family and is open to the public.

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