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Antwerp is a splendid city placed on the right bank of the river Scheldt and from the view of tourists is evaluated as a city of water, but actually has a much deeper heritage of art, works of great artistic value.

It will not surprise anyone the fact that the availability of a convenient vehicle during the journey is more than half of already successful trip. That is why service of car rental from Antwerp Airport such in great demand, and for this reason, as not to bother yourself with additional expectation after the flight, we offer convenient service of reservation system via

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Prices include general and compulsory insurance, exempting from liability for theft, liability to third parties, also for damages resulting from a collision.

You can take advantage of kilometers without restrictions and free assistance on the roads, which would give greater confidence throughout your journey.

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In addition to insurance, our rates already include value added tax – VAT. Based on our transparent pricing, you will not find any hidden costs or fees.

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Antwerp Airport is in close proximity to the city, just a few kilometers distant and is known with the name of Antwerp – Deurne. It is open from 6:30 am until 11:00 pm. It is mostly serves the small aircraft, because the length of the runway is not satisfactory for large airliners. Here is available the parking area for 500 vehicles, and the airport is easily accessible by bus, train and taxi, although the most effective means still remains the car. An annual turnover of about 160 000 passengers. Since the airport terminal of very modest size, in the hall provided a minimum range of food items, there is also a souvenir shop. But despite this, here is a business center in Antwerp Deurne, Belair BVBA restaurant and several rooms for business meetings.
The nearby railway station Antwerpenen-Berchem is in a ten minute walk.

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