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Being a land border at the crossroads of Europe and the East, Cyprus attracts visitors by its indescribable natural beauty and crystal clear sea. Here an abundance of stunning beaches, but the island has also inner territories of vineyard-covered lands,  here everywhere in the air is the spirit of history, but is also seen lively modern life. Cyprus is the third by its dimensions isle in the Mediterranean basin and is in close vicinity to the Turkish and Syrian coast. It is is fact divided into two parts, the southern side is controlled by the Republic of Cyprus, and north is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Given the specificity of the island, in Cyprus are basically three ways to navigate; car for rent in Cyprus, taxi or bus. Combining all the features of these means of movement and taking into consideration the high cost of taxi, you can easily come to the conclusion that auto hire is the most appropriate way among these three possibilities. It also should be mentioned that the road network around the island in excellent condition and driving a car you will get a lot of fun.

With an auto rented in Cyprus from Naniko you can give yourself the liberty to explore the beautiful island!

The prices that you get at the web-page of Naniko offered including VAT and compulsory car insurance, comprising the liability of a third party.

To carry out your order can directly online via the web-site or by phone by contacting our operators. Whichever way you do not make your reservation, as a result you will receive an email confirmation.

We have a huge assortment of vehicles and are consequently always able to ensure you with the desired car that matches your parameters.

The length of the lease, counting of one day – 24 hours, always agreed at the beginning and specified in the lease contract. If during the rental period, your plans have changed, you can always extend the rental period.

Create your plans carefree and in full freedom of using vehicle rental in Cyprus from Naniko!

Cyprus is a unique place, with a divided capital, where you can see the cultural multiplicity of the Greek and Turkish sides. A visit to the island will provide an ideal opportunity to see the imprints of ancient Roman, Greek and Byzantine Empires and visit the ruins of Salamis.

Inside the ancient Kourion can enjoy the view of the Temple of Apollo, also the amazing ruins in Paphos. Cyprus offers a wide choice of resorts on the coast. Here the magnificent sea views intertwined with views of picturesque mountains, which in their turn provide the opportunity of skiing.

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