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How to find the best car hire in Andorra. Ideal rates for rent a car with Naniko

The Principality of Andorra, among the six smallest states of Europe and is located in the Pyrenees, having the borders with France and Spain. Andorra, which has no outlet to the sea is characterized by a typical alpine climate in the mountain zone and continental in lowland areas. Because of the predominance of mountainous areas, there is the presence of numerous mountain lakes and rivers, which then intersect also the valleys. Due to its ideal location and interesting past, Andorra attracts millions of tourist in all seasons. But above all, this microscopic country has a tax haven status and also attracts business people.

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Booking through our site is carried out in just a few simple steps: Choose the direction, select dates and desired  parameters of your vehicle. The list of available options will be displayed in seconds.

One of the many advantages of our service is that you can choose the payment method at your convenience, online payment, bank transfer, or directly to the local office.

Our impeccable service includes the provision of any necessary information to you with the definition of professionalism that characterizes our entire staff.

Our fleet is always completed with the vehicle in optimum condition, equipped with all conveniences and advanced security systems.

The large number of our rental offices across the country and beyond allows you to make linear routes without having to return to the starting point, as you will be able to return the car to the nearest to you point of lease.

Our highly competitive prices are always available with the included fees and car insurance and no hidden costs we have not.

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Among the places of interest of the Principality of Andorra, in addition to its capital, it may be noted places such as Soldeu and Ordino. Soldeu is beautifully situated on the shore of East-Valira River and is famous as the best-known ski resort of the Pyrenees. In this area were grown up the most talented skiing instructors. You can also find a large number of sports equipment stores.
Meanwhile, the town of Ordino is also in a prime location, surrounded by beautiful forests and has a very interesting old center.

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