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As the whole state of Andorra itself, its capital Andorra la Vella of a moderate dimensions with a populace of about 20 000 people. Given the predominance of mountainous areas, the town is disposed at an altitude of about a thousand meters above sea level. Visiting this town you can see the interesting historical buildings, including the Casa de la Vall, built in the sixteenth century and later became the seat of Parliament. Interesting is the Temple of Santa Coloma, which is preserved from Roman times and, therefore, considered to be the oldest one in Andorra. Here you can detect the famous European resorts with large areas of swimming pools, saunas and a full range of spa treatments.

According with the fact of certain shortage of public transportation, car rental in Andorra la Vella is indispensable for your travels, providing you with maximum flexibility and convenience with no problems to get to any place. High quality services and the most reliable cars can be obtained from the company Naniko. Here is a variety of top quality, convenient online booking and economical rates. So, do not limit yourself with a strict schedule of a bus tour or spend more on local taxis.

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After you fill out the application blank and point out all the necessary details, the system in seconds will show the options from which you choose the most suitable for you.

Our flexible terms also mean that the method of payment of the ordered services, you can choose by yourself, whether by credit card, bank transfer or cash in the respective currency in the rental point.

In the spectrum of offered by us rental package, you will find a great variety, and our experts will find for you the most rational option.

Our rates are already provided with all taxes and car insurance included and also suggested a millage without restrictions and free technical assistance in case of problems.

Also, often tracking the updates on our website, you can discover the significant discounts and special offers with different bonuses. At your choice also provided the range of additional services, including winter accessories, Navigators, seats for children and much more.

Discover a world of commodity and delight with the help of vehicle rental in Andorra la Vella from Naniko!

Andorra la Vella is a city of simple pleasures. This is a place that can give a lot of amusing things to explore in a short period of time, since all concentrated in a small area. For shopping lovers it is a paradise where you can find all the famous international brands, the only difference is that the VAT in Andorra is only 4.5%!


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