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Information about the car rent at Almaty airport. Rent a car tips with Naniko

Almaty is known as the former capital of Kazakhstan, also as the major and most developed city of the country. Despite the fact that its status has changed, it still remains an important cultural and financial heart of Central Asia. There are the places that certainly everyone would like to visit, such as English Theatre of Kazakhstan, the Presidential Palace, Memorial dedicated the soldiers, the National Museum and many more.

If you are a tourist or businessman, who came here on business matters, you expect to master a variety of routes, reasonable and cost-effective will be to use the services of car rental at the Almaty airport. Forthwith upon arrival you will be met by a very palpable hospitality of the locals, and can immediately get booked in advance on car and to explore the beautiful city.

Follow the example of the many satisfied users of auto rental at Almaty airport from the company Naniko!

Our intelligent system of online reservation provides you with the implementation of reservation in just a few minutes, and you’ll avoid the routine of browsing many sites as we have already provided all the top deals at the best rates.

Our services are accessible around the clock, also at any time you can contact our operators to get a professional explanation of any matter concerning the lease.

Naniko has representative offices around the world and, therefore, if you planned travel route through several countries on our cars it will be quite affordable. Only need to initially notify us and get a special document for this.

Payment type and method for services you can choose by yourself; pay when booking by bank transfer or directly in our office.

Simultaneously there is also the amount of the deposit should be paid initially as a guarantee for incidental damage to car, fuel costs or other.

Additional services, such as the driver of the company, accessories such as navigators, child seats and others must be ordered and paid for separately.

The ideal range of services and lower prices for vehicle rental in the airport of Almaty provided to you by Naniko!

The international airport of Almaty – Karakol is the largest one in Kazakhstan and is disposed 15 km from Almaty. It was built in 1935 and was used for all types of civil and military aircraft. There have been carried out reconstruction work in the 90th, but the fire happened in 1999 destroyed the whole terminal building. The new terminal has been built in 2004. Also added the new runway with more advanced features. A services provided in the new terminal meet the highest international standards.


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