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Best deals of car rent at the Airport of Astana. Find out more about rent a car with Naniko

As the new metropolis of Kazakhstan, Astana has a striking charm thanks to its futuristic architecture, that makes it a true treasure of modern urbanism. The city is served by an international airport, located 15 km away. In its turn the edifice of the airport was projected by the same Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa which was the author of the new megacity project.

For prompt arrival to the city center and then in full freedom move on chosen routes, most effective way is to hire a car at Astana airport using the booking system via, which offers the various service packages at the most competitive prices. As a rule, it is a much needed service and therefore is recommended to reserve car in advance.

Fascinating routes with easy access by auto rented at Astana Airport from the company Naniko!

Once booked, you can always use the free option to make adjustments to the order or cancel it 48 hours prior of the start of the rental period. This procedure can make by your own or contact our operators.

All our vehicles are insured and insurance costs same as all taxes are included in the initially offered price.

If the traffic accident happens you need immediately contact to the pertinent department of our company. Contact details you will find in the voucher or in your copy of the lease.

Always are the limits to the tenant’s age, which in each case may vary depending on the category of the rented vehicle and other factors. For complete information, please contact our specialists.

Provided an option of additional driver, which you can specify when booking, but when pick up the car he must be present in person with the provision of personal documents. Any supplementary chauffeur will be included in the lease and get the respective rights and obligations.

Also provided is a range of assistive devices such as luggage baskets, navigation, ski holders and child seats for the different weight of the child.

The tenant must possess a valid driving license. In some cases, when a document is not issued in Latin, for example, in Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese, you also need the presence of an international driver’s license.

The Best offers and low prices for vehicle rental in the airport of Astana provided by Naniko!

As already noted, Astana airport was renovated and modernized in recent years, but the project of development is still in the process. The passenger flow reached its peak of about 3 million people a year, but as a result of changes expected to reach seven million turnover.

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