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Car Hire in Cologne. Information on rent a car with Naniko

Cologne was founded around 50 AD by Romans and based on this fact has a rich history that visitors are pleased to discover. Located in a picturesque place on the banks of the Rhine, the city has an indescribable charm of its innumerable attractions, including the magnificent Cathedral, which is the part of world heritage. In addition to the grand monuments of culture, it is here that was invented the famous toilet water, which later became a common name of ode cologne.

The city has a pleasant climate and for its discovering the most recommended means of transportation can be easily recognized car rent in Cologne for the full and harmonious pleasure. It is the right choice also from an economical point of view and via the website of Naniko you will find the perfect range of offers in conjunction with the excellent prices.

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The extensive product range and availability, offered by us in real-time allows you to view the most favorable offers and choose the best suited to you vehicle.

The transparency of our prices will save you from the risk of hidden costs. All taxes and insurance are included in the given rates and the cost of any additional services are listed separately.

The flexibility of the system allows, if necessary, correct or delete the order in compliance with the two-day period before the commencement of the lease.

The safety and security of your data is ensured by special protective systems throughout the booking process.

Winter accessories such as ski racks, snow chains, also such tools as the Navigators, children’s car seats, luggage baskets and more are additional services and order and pay for them can be right at the point of reception of the car.

Get a lot of positive emotions from journey with the facilities of vehicle rental in Cologne at low rates from Naniko!

Known for its magnificent sights and a great location in the heart of Europe, Cologne is also has an attractive atmosphere of friendliness of its inhabitants. Apart of its deep historical roots, a city characterized by the spirit of youth and lively nightlife. One cannot miss the chance to taste the famous Kölsch beer in traditional pubs, which is served in  special narrow glasses. In Cologne,  presented a huge number of museums, among which should be noted  the Ludwig’s Museum, with its collection of works of art, the original Chocolate Museum for gourmet, and of course, the most interesting may be for lovers of perfume Fragrance Museum, which was the oldest in the world perfume factory, where nearly 300 years ago, was invented the famous ode cologne.

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