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Optimal deals of Car hire in Bishkek. Lucrative offers for rent a car with Naniko

Bishkek, being the capital of Kyrgyzstan, has approximately 630 000 inhabitants. It is also the country’s largest cultural center and hosts the University, the Academy of Sciences and various institutions and several museums. Near the town is the Valley of the Ala-Archa, which opens to the eyes the naturalistic landscapes most spectacular in the region. Initially, the city was named Pishpek, then in the Soviet era was renamed Frunze and finally in 1991 named Bishkek. In the city you can discover a few archaeological traces, and to know the history of architecture of buildings built in the VI-XIII centuries. Here also lies the important railway conjunction of the route Tashkent – Almaty.

If your path lies in this wonderful city on business or for an interesting journey for inexhaustible possibilities and comfortable trip is recommended to take a car to rent in Bishkek. The company Naniko is committed to providing its customers high-quality solutions at the best prices. Our priority, and the result of successful work is that each package was in line with the requests of our customers.

Book your ideal auto rental in Bishkek throughout of convenient system of!

As a rule, our rates include all local taxes, Casco insurance, taking into account the limitation of liability for damage, protection from theft and third party liability, and you get a bonus of mileage wuthout restriction.

We can also offer one way rentals in both domestic and international destinations.However, in each case, is necessary to obtain further information from the operator.

Additional services are available upon request as from clients, and auxiliary devices such as child seats, navigation and other winter accessories are ordered and paid for separately.

Upon pick up of the vehicle, you must provide a voucher of reservation with personal documents. If your driver’s license issued in a language that is not readable in the country, also need to present one of international standard.

Cars provided on are of wide spectrum; here you will be able to select the car for any type of trip, from the elegant and luxurious models for business meetings or special events, and to secure off-road vehicles for tours over rough terrain.

If you ordered the delivery of the car at the airport, do not miss the sight of specify also the flight number, as the company will have access to information about the arrival and be aware of in case of delay or cancellation.

Many benefits and unlimited mileage expect you from Naniko for vehicle rental in Bishkek!

An interesting fact is that Kyrgyzstan is intersected by several mountain ranges, including the Ferghana mountains, the foothills of the Pamir and Alay, and in the center and to the east stretch the various branches of the Tien Shan, terminated by the former Victory Peak of altitude of 7439 meters.

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