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The best car hire in Berlin. Offers of greater convenience for rent a car with Naniko

Berlin is amongst of that European capitals, which perfectly demonstrate the synthesis of historic heritage and modernity. It is the second most peopled city in Europe after. The German metropolis is a perfect example of the mixture of different cultures and traditions, united in a single whole. Here you can see the preserved part of the Berlin Wall, the symbol of separation from the recent past, also the famous Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of peace and memorials of the Holocaust victims.

Berlin is perfectly equipped with public transport, but there are situations when traveling for business or pleasure, in which many people prefer to have a car rented in Berlin for greater mobility and better implementation of the plans. In order not to miscalculate and find a really advantageous conditions and economical prices, use the services of Naniko, where you will instantly find everything you need.

Get a unique all inclusive tariffs for the auto rent in Berlin from the company Naniko!

With the advantage of mileage without restriction, which we provide to our customers, you can implement the most daring routes at any distance.

Having available multiple offices of lease of our company across the country, you can get an auto in Berlin and refund it to Bonn, Frankfurt or any other city.

As a rule, there are age restrictions for rent and most often tenant must be not less of 21 years old, but in each case it is better to make sure in fact, because the conditions can be different depending on the country, model cars and other factors.

Among the additional services you can use the option of supplementary drivers, if you are in the company of fellow travelers.

All our cars are insured for the maximum number of passengers and the its cost also all local taxes are included in the price.

The lease term, clearly specified in the lease, you can always extend, if your intentions and plans have changed. To do this, please contact in advance with our reservation center to carry out the procedure.

Make your trip better with the vehicle rented in Berlin  or any other town of Germany, from Naniko!

Since Berlin once again became the capital of a united country, the Parliament and Ministry were transferred here from Bonn, what in its turn significantly increase the level of employment in the civil service. Also, many large concerns such as Siemens and Deutsche Bann and others have opened their headquarters in Berlin. In addition, the city’s economy is based on services, sector of media and advertising, and in general the information and communication technologies. The numerous conferences and exhibitions of international importance held here. Every year, Berlin attracts approximately 17 million tourists.

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