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Being the center of the German land of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart offers a variety of attractions, including castles Altes Schloss, Neues Schloss and Schloss Hohenheim and the many museums of different thematic. Resting for a cup of coffee in the cozy bar in the open air, you can enjoy views of Stuttgart.
Close to Stuttgart is the so-called Black Forest, also a low ridge of Swabian Alb. In the vicinity of the city is actively engaged in viticulture and wine production. Well developed here are different industries and is a high level of research and development. The large corporations like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch and others here have their headquarters.

When you visiting the city for whatever the reasons, in order to travel safely and in complete freedom will be the perfect solution to rent a cars in Stuttgart, at the same time you will be able to overpower any distance without restrictions in time and at the most economical prices with offers from the company Naniko. The benefits of our service also in the fact that with the flexible terms you are getting exactly the required vehicle.

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Being among the largest companies providing these services, our company has many offices around the country and around the world. So it’s easy to take and return the car in different locations, as it will be most convenient to your route.

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The main public transport in Stuttgart is a city rail consisting of S-Bahn and the underground U-Bahn. Through the S line is easy access to the suburbs, the line U is an excellent way to reach the city center. In the central and the most beautiful square in Stuttgart you can find the most important historical monuments, including the Cathedral of the Stiftskirche, which is the cradle of the Protestant Reformation. In Fruchtkasten can visit the magnificent collection of musical instruments. Interesting is the Altes Schloss or Old Castle, which dates back to the tenth century and has a medieval appearance.

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