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Economic Auto Hire in Azerbaijan. Lucrative deals for rent a car with Naniko

Azerbaijan, with access to the sea, and a population of 9 million people, is an interesting country in the Caucasus region, famous for its production of oil. The Caspian Sea is the largest up-country sea in the world, placed at 28 meters below sea level, forming a natural border of Azerbaijan in the East. By The climate the country is very special and you can find 9 different climatic zones from the temperate and up to subtropical. Accordingly, the flora and fauna, being under the protection of national parks, are also different. Here you can admire rare species of plants and animals.

If you have a personal mean of moving here, you can easily travel as through the urban areas and even around the mountain landscapes. To this end, the majority of visitors prefer to rent cars in Azerbaijan, pre-booked the services via Here you can select your car at affordable prices and get the best travel experience in the country.

Your constant companion on the trip will be the company Naniko with the best suggestions of car rental in Azerbaijan!

Considering your preferences for various technical data of car, we can offer you the auto with a manual or automatic gearbox, the petrol or diesel engine and of other specific data.

Take note of the recommendation, that it is better to pre-book car. So checking out all our offers on the website in advance, you may find discounts and special offers that will save for you as much as possible.

Most of the companies demand to refund the car to the same point where you took it. Due to the presence of numerous rental offices, our company is able to offer customers the opportunity to return cars at another point, as it will be more profitable for your route.

If you order the delivery of the car at the airport, urged to clearly specify the details of your flight, in order that our staff will have access to information, whether flight arriving in time or delayed.

Generally, in all of our rental points the vehicle is offered with a full tank, which means that have to be returned with the same amount of fuel. You can consider other fuel policy options in place.

Get the unmatched benefits and mileage without limits from Naniko for vehicle rental in Azerbaijan!

On the Absheron peninsula, you can visit the many fascinating castles, temple of Zoroaster and various buildings of Persian period. On the littoral of the Caspian Sea have unparalleled volcanic landscapes, and you can admire in Gobustan rock paintings of 4000 years old. Baku is famous for magnificent palaces and historical monuments.

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