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Car rental in Vilnius Airport. Offers for rent a car from Naniko

Over the past decades, taking into account the continuous expansion of economic and cultural relations between Lithuania and other countries, also due to the recent accession to the EU, the number of people arriving in Vilnius rather increased. People of different nationalities choose this city as their travel destination, and many come here for business purposes. Advantageous location of the international airport making it an important crossroad for interfacing and plays a key role for air traffic.

Thanks to the numerous reviews of regular customers, you can easily determine that the car rent in Vilnius Airport in the best way provided via the website of Naniko. This fact contributes to the constant endeavor to offer our customers an unprecedented low prices and a broad spectrum of vehicles, able to meet the needs of any traveler.

Master the routes with all the comfort of an auto rental from Vilnius Airport via!

At your choice are provided vehicles from economy and compact to luxury models, sedans, SUVs or minivans with a capacity of up to 15 people.

Our fleet is equipped with modern models that have better functionality and effective security system can ensure a comfortable journey and all the amenities.

Always being in the top ten along with leading brands, we provide with competitive prices, which already take into account all taxes and car insurance, unlimited mileage and free roadside assistance.

When booking, or after, you can specify the additional driver, and when receiving the car, he must be present in person. This condition will also be recorded in the rental agreement, and the other driver will receive the respective powers and responsibilities.

Age limits for hiring a car always vary according to the different nuances, such as local regulations, model of car and more. In most cases, the minimum age is 21 years.

The most lucrative deals and significant discounts you will get from Naniko for vehicle rental at Vilnius Airport!

Vilnius International Airport is disposed about 6 km away from the capital of Lithuania. Today here are carried out flights to 59 destinations. More than 700,000 passengers a year use the services of the airport. Over the past few years, the airport has experienced rapid growth in the flow of passengers due to the recovery and the addition of many routes.
To ensure a high level of service here were carried out works for the expansion and modernization of the registration process and other services. There are shopping and business centers. Also increased the number of parking spaces. In the lobby of the terminal provided by bank branches, ATMs, two bars, restaurant, and more.

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