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Rent a car in Yerevan with lowest prices and best conditions by the international company Naniko

Yerevan is an astonishing city accompanying it’s ancient traditions and authentic culture. It’s meaningful location between the Europe and Asia is one of the main reason of city’s exceptional attractiveness. That’s why, Here you can recognise combined European and Asian culture, modern trends accompany with past and well-preserved heritage which is expressed by form of the ancient churches and monasteries which number is more than 4 thousand. It worth mentionable that the Armenia was the first country where Christianity became main religion.
So, it is a most interesting destination for pilgrims and more and more foreign visitors traveling this country every year. Besides this, Yerevan sometimes called as ,,pink city’’ due to the fact that buildings in this city are built by tuff (colored natural stone) and unlike other cities here you can enjoy warm color of buildings instead of grey which is most common for other cities. But the worth considerable fact when you planning to travel in Armenia is that here is limited transport outsight of Yerevan. So, you definitely need your own car or you should rent a car in Yerevan.

Create your dream vacation using car rental in Yerevan accompanying the best conditions from company Naniko

In case for your dream vacation, you should organise every detail in advance to avoid any unpleasant unexpectedness. For our consumers comfort and time saving, our company suggest our online reservation system, where you can overlook of our auto park and make best choice according your needs.

In case if you have desire to travel around the Yerevan you can choose economic hatchbacks from our diverse auto park for city movements. Or if you have decided to visit some highlands of Armenia, you definitely need reliable 4X4 SUVs for safe movements. |
Through our company’s offers, you can get kind of advantages and benefits. Such as various discounts, short and long term rental commitments, one way rental, additional services and so on.
Our short term car rental commitment is the best choice when you need the car only several days and doesn’t needs it anymore. By the using this service, you should save time which is usually inevitable when move by public transport. You should save the money as well, which is necessary for using private taxi with driver and so on.

In case if you planning long stay in a country, it definitely better to use our long term car rental commitment, the main advantages of this service is lower price than usual, because after the certain numbers of days, the price of the service is getting low. Accompany this, here is another benefit like unlimited mileage, it makes sense of free to cover any roads, without limitations.
Our company also offers some additional facilities for your to make your travel pleasant and conveniently. This additional services is first of all additional driver, which allows you to share driver responsibilities and enjoy the landscapes among the way. Besides this, you can use baby seat if you traveling with family and little children it might be more comfortable for your children. Also, if you are at first in this country you probably need GPS navigator and other auxiliaries which are also offered from our company.

Company Naniko offers high class service and lowest prices of car rent in Yerevan!

Yerevan, capital of Armenia is the modern city which is evenly synthesizing to the past. Sometimes the city also called as a,,pink city’’ due to the color of building in Yerevan. During last several years, tourism in Armenia and especially in Yerevan is improved and for today it became one of the attractive place for pilgrims and visitors who are looking for something especial and unique place for travel.

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