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Warsaw practically reborn from the ashes after the devastation of World War II and even the city center had almost lost its original historical appearance, has been completely rebuilt and maintained as far as possible. In subsequent periods the city was marked by communist architecture, the best example of which is the Palace of Culture and Science, which appeared in those years as a gift from Joseph Stalin.

As it tells the legend, the name of Warsaw is derived from the names of two brothers, Sava and Varus, who saw a mermaid in the Vistula River, which informed the brothers that in this place will be built a big city.
Today Warsaw is home to about two million inhabitants, and taking into account the surrounding areas and the vicinity, there are 3.5 million people.
Warsaw is disposed on both banks of the Vistula River, which flows into the Gulf of Gdańks.

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To receive the rented car must provide valid personal documents, namely, a passport, driver’s license and the reservation voucher.

You also need to have in presence a credit card in the name of the tenant, since is subject to the payment the deposit, which is blocked on your card for the rental period and at its end is fully refundable if all terms of the contract clearly complied.

The driver’s license must be of international standard only if the original is issued in non-readable language in the country of rental.

Change the order or remove it for free is possible with following a two-day period before the start of the rental period.

Additional services, which include supplementary devices, winter accessories, option of co-driver and the other, you can order and pay at time of reservation, or directly at our offices.

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After the fall of the communist regime in Warsaw there was a boom in economic growth. In particular, many foreign companies have focused on business opportunities in the Polish market and opened their offices in the capital such world brands as Coca-Cola, General Motors, Nestle and others.
Warsaw is well equipped with public transport system, which is represented by 200 bus and 30 tram lines. There is also a subway line which serves people living in the suburbs.


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