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Rent a car in Ukraine and visit number of attractions with lowest prices and huge benefits from company Naniko

The country with antiquity history and traditions has more than thousand years history. Point of geographic view Ukrain is maintaining as a centre of Europe. As for touristic view, Ukraine is extremely large, diverse and unexplored destination among the foreign travelers. The meaning of the word ‘’Ukraine’’ is land on the edge. When we speak about Ukraine, its worth mentionable of its numerous cultural and architectural heritage. Also, Characteristic style and culture of castles. During the traveling in Ukraine, you definitely visit the attractiveness such as Dubno castles in city of Dubno, which is one of the oldest settlement in this country. The medieval castle and fortress of Dubno, is still stands proudly with its undervalued historical and cultural heritage. For visit the numerous cultural heritage monuments, you definitely need your private car which is difficult issue when you traveling in foreign country. For our consumers satisfaction during their travel time, our company offers best packages to rent a car in Ukraine, which surely is the best way for your ensure and comfortable travel among the Ukraine.

The diverse choice of our auto park with lowest prices and best service for car rental in Ukraine by the company Naniko!

According the fact that our company always care about consumers comfort and maximal satisfaction during their staying in Ukraine, we offer diversity options to make best choice according your demands and needs. Besides the services our company offers, you have great possibility to choose best car from our diversity auto park. You can overlook our cars such as compact and economy models, luxury and premium class sedans, 4X4 reliable SUVs, roomy mini vans for family travel, sport cars and etc.

After you choose the best models considering your interests, you have possibility to get number of benefits from our company, such as unlimited mileage, opportunity to additional driver, car insurance and high class service. As for some extra services, you can get benefit from additional driver service, which is great option when you traveling with friends and have possibility to share driver duties with others and than freely enjoy the sightseeings and nature landscapes from your car, make memorable photos or just rest. We have not any hidden costs and prices, each additional service has its own prices and you should be informed about this in advance, upon the time of make agreement.

Our high qualified operators always ready to help you with pleasant, despite of phone conversation or by internet. They also gives you any necessary information you need to organise your trip.

Using our online booking system gives you a great opportunity to book your favored car in advance, until your arrival in country, and take it at the airport upon the arrival time. it definitely save your time and makes more comfort and flexibility.

Company Naniko offers the perfect service and huge advantages for car rent in Ukraine!

Well developed country Ukraine, has a huge recourses for tourism point. And so many hidden places can be discovered during your travel with numerous cultural heritage. During your travel, you have opportunity to make familiarize with local culture and traditions, taste local cuisine in traditional restaurants and travel among the whole country for more exploration, through our company’s car rental service. You just need to choose most flexible car for you according your tour programs directions and make your own fairytale in most famous Slavic country.

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