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Car rental in Serbia. Compare prices and save ьщку with rent a car from Naniko

For many people Serbia is known for the events of the tragic conflict in Yugoslavia in the recent past and even it is not listed among the main destinations of international tourism, the country has much to offer. Ancient monasteries, gorgeous natural areas, the beauty of the Danube River are just a few of the treasures that curious visitors can find here.

The territory of Serbia is practically full of Orthodox monasteries, which constitute a remarkable element of the architectural heritage of the country.

To cover as many interesting places, the most practical solution is to use the servises of car rent in Serbia. Such monasteries as Sopocani, Studenica and Decani included in the World Heritage List, not only because of its architectural value, but also for the presence of priceless frescoes and old icons.
Via the site of you can find a variety of useful alternative options of lower cost with the absolute guarantee of quality. And for booking you will need to make a few simple steps.

Move freely in places of great beauty with auto rented in Serbia by Naniko!

Booking confirmation will be received in several hours and the reservation voucher that you will get, must be in possession of the pickup of the vehicle.

Renting a car from us, you can also travel with the intersection of the country’s borders, having previously obtained the express written permission.

If you need to amend the order or delete it, possible to make it for free two days before the date of receipt of the car.

Age for rent defined as 21 years old, and unlike other companies we have not the fee for young driver.

Available option of co-driver, which you can choose when booking and the second driver must be present in person at registration of the lease contract.

For convenience and greater security, we provide a range of supportive devices, which include child seats, navigation systems, winter accessories and other.

Get a pleasant experience full of alternatives with vehicle rental in Serbia, provided by Naniko!

Visiting Serbia is important to carefully choose the routes, which necessarily have to take into account the natural reserves and at least some of the most beautiful monasteries in the country. In the valley of the Ibar and Ras rivers, moving from Kraljevo south to Novi Pazar, extends the area where was born the medieval Serbian state. In this valley you can see the most valuable of the Serbian medieval monasteries. Another recommended route is the way of Danube, crossing geographical, historical and cultural areas, the most interesting in the country. Pannonian Plain in the north to Djerdap present the inspiring landscapes of untouched nature meanwhile the cities are full of interesting culture formed over centuries.

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