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The options of car rental in Podgorica. Finding the best options for rent a car from Naniko

Podgorica, as capital of Montenegro, with a population of 185 thousand inhabitants, today is an interesting place to visit in the Balkans. The city is the cultural and administrative center of the nation. It is crossed by the rivers Moraca and Ribnik. Podgorica is surrounded by a very attractive countryside and inside of the city you can admire a spectacular historic center and also a modern architecture. The symbol of the modern city is the Millennium Bridge constructed  across the Moraca River in 2005.

To reach Podgorica is pretty easy thanks to the international airport and then for the movement within the city can be very convenient to rent a car in Podgorica. Thus you will be able to discover all the monuments and sights of the beautiful old and modern city. Excursions you can also start with the area of Sloboda and then stroll through the shops along the street Hercegovacka, which is a meeting point for many tourists and local residents.

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When you traveling in Podgorica certainly need to visit the Stara Varos, where to this day preserved some evidence of the Ottoman period, such as the clock tower and the old bridge over the river Ribnica.
For lovers of cultural events will be interesting to visit the National Theatre, also some of the major museums and the splendid art gallery inside of Dvorac Petrovica Castle.
The greatest interest of the Christian architecture are Saborni Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja – Cathedral of the Resurrection, built after the bombing in 1993 and the ancient church of St. George of the sixteenth century.
A trip along the Adriatic coast is especially popular in the summer, then you can continue your journey by car and reach the archaeological site and the National Park Skadar, where are many species of birds and pelicans.

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