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As the northernmost country in Europe, Norway with its cape of Knivskkjellodden, even surpasses the North Pole from the standpoint of latitude. Disposed in the western part of Scandinavia and crossed by the Arctic Circle, Norway provides its visitors with the views of the natural phenomena of exceptional beauty, such as the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer. But, of course, not only nature is amazing here, but the cities as the capital Oslo and its surroundings, which provide tourists with really exceptional monuments. Among those can be mentioned Norwegian national shrine, the cathedral in Trondheim, built on the grave of St. Olav. In the same city you can visit the Archbishop’s Palace, which is the oldest building in Scandinavia, weapons museum, the Museum of Resistance and more. In Skien you can admire the ancient port, which is the backdrop for a huge church, which seats about 1,500 people.
For those in search of a suitable means of movement during the trip, the company Naniko will be able to provide the best solutions and cheap packages for rent a car in Norway. By providing high quality services and rich content of the fleet, in addition, you get a very favorable price from our company.

Experience the natural beauty of the country with the services of auto rental in Norway from Naniko and meet all your mobility needs!

Booked services can be paid according to the method you selected, by online payment, bank transfer or directly in our office.
In most cases, the booking will be confirmed within a few hours with the help of a voucher that is required when the vehicle is taking.

The voucher is a document containing specific information about your order, but not a substitute for the lease, which will be done on-site of car reception.

At the time of receiving of the vehicle you must also provide with passport and driver’s license, which must be of international standard in the event that the original is issued in a language unreadable in a country of rent.

If necessary, cancellation or change of reservation 48 hours before of receiving the car, you do not have to pay any fines.

All our prices are already initially comprise the cost of insurance and taxes, as well as provided the mileage without restriction and free roadside assistance.

Get the best benefits and cheap prices for vehicle rental in Norway, provided by the company Naniko!

Norway can surprise visitors also with its gastronomic peculiarities, particularly by seafood, venison and game. These products with a special aroma are usually combined with a sauce of sour cream. A typical Christmas dish is pinnekjøtt, which is a smoked and salted lamb chops, served with potatoes, gravy and mashed swede.

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