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Find the car for rent in Naples. Lower prices for rent a car from Naniko

Once having been in Naples, it is impossible to forget the impressions received and stop thinking about it. Sun, sea, good food and the incomparable sights – this is what is Naples! Driving a car rented in Naples the road with many twists and turns, you will ascend to the house of Pulcinella. From here you can tirelessly admire the promenade that surrounds two beautiful castles and then continue your journey towards Posilippo, which is the most beauteous terrace overlooking the sea, known in Italy. Climbing higher and higher, it is possible to achieve the highest point of the city, Vomero.

And all this you can implement without the use of public transport or taxi. All you have to do is choose via suiting your auto rent in Naples, to pick up the suitcase, take a camera and go on a journey towards an exciting and unique landscapes that not so many cities in the world can offer.

In a matter of minutes obtain your auto rented in Naples, using the tools of booking via!

To receive a car the major driver must be in possession of a payment card in own name with enough funds to cover the deposit, supplementary services, if ordered, a valid driver’s license, passport and the voucher received as a confirmation of the order.

Method of payment you can choose at your discretion, accepted the majority of online payment methods and you can pay for the services directly at our office.

Specific requirements for the driver’s license may be in case, if it is issued on other than the Latin language. Thus will be required an international driver’s license with your original national document.

The tariffs received by us already take into account all the taxes and the cost of insurance, so the price will not changed. We have no hidden costs.

All extras such as accessories – child seats, GPS, snow chains, ski holders or additional drivers, and other can be ordered and paid for on the spot.

When you select the option of additional driver, he must be present in person at the registration of the contract and provide with valid documents.

Best prices and lots of benefits for vehicle rental in Naples offered by Naniko!

While in Naples, it is impossible to ignore the visit of the beautiful waterfronts of Amalfi and Sorrento. All curves of coastline is difficult to describe in a few words. Every bend touches your heart, because at every turn opens so unexpected and amazing views that catches even breathing. Cobalt blue sea and the famous lemon gardens with special flavors and intense color fills you with emotions. Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi … at a glance seem remote and inaccessible places. But with your car hired in Naples you will have access to everything!