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Cheap Car Hire in Monte Carlo. Useful information for the rent a car with Naniko

Monte Carlo is the central area of the city-state of Monaco, also its most glamorous and glittering center with skyscrapers, famous casino and exclusive boutiques. For over half a century, the Monte Carlo is a favorite destination of international tourism and has gained immense popularity among sports lovers, since there are held the famous fights and Grand Prix of Formula 1.

The Principality of Monaco is also a center of attraction for those who want to visit the French Riviera, and that is why the most recommended form of travel, many justifiably consider car rent in Monte Carlo, which can be booked via the website of at affordable prices, and begin the journey towards discoveries of the most beautiful and exclusive corners.

Learn the great places with the convenient services of auto rental at the Monte Carlo from Naniko at the best rates!

Among the many benefits you can get from Naniko, there is also unlimited mileage which allows you to travel at no additional cost for the made kilometers.
Changing or canceling your order can be carried out free of charge 48 hours before the receiving of the car.
In most companies and car rental agencies the rental can be carry out from the age of 18 years, and the drivers under 25 years old will be charged an additional fee. In our company can carry out the rent from the age of 21-year-olds, without any surcharges.

In our fleet the vehicles is equipped with a modern design, providing comfort, in accordance with international standards.

Among the various packages offered services of transfer and professional drivers who speak English and the local language. You can easily take advantage of their knowledge, relax and enjoy the journey.

The company Naniko will provide you with a wide selection of cars for rent in Monte Carlo to the highest standards of service!

Taking into account the territorial smallness of Monaco, you can provide that your trip to Monte Carlo will be practically the same as a full tour of the city-state of Monaco. So, in the surroundings of Monte Carlo you can stroll through the streets, where Formula 1 starts, to try fortune in the casino and visit the many high-fashion boutiques. Having made a great walk along the coast, you can reach Monaco-Ville, center of the principality, where is the Prince’s Palace and then go to the old town, with its winding streets and buildings in the Genoese style. To admire the magnificent collection of marine fauna and flora you can at the Oceanographic Museum, which also represented the projection of the films of the great oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Meanwhile, in the museum of wax figures, you can see the historical scene with figures of the Grimaldi dynasty, the principality rulers.

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