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Welcome to Georgian old city Kutaisi – Rent a car in Kutaisi Airport of Kind David the Builder

After capital city next main city in Georgia is Kutaisi, here everymen who fancy traveling and discovering all kind of unexplored things can do something amble and interesting for themselves.
Some historians consider that centuries ago Kutaisi was the major city of “old Kolxeti”, as it is stated in the mythology here had been kept famous “Golden Fleece” , one and only motive why Argonauts arrived here. Right now Kutaisi is Europe’s modernized city, where many people come from different countries. If you want to visit Kutaisi like them and sightseeing yourself you will be needing a car. This type of transportation equals saving time and recourses. It’s high attainable that you like a traveler won’t be an owner of a car in this city. That’s good reason why you should rent a car in Kutaisi Airport with best conditions like is the lowest prices and highest service form the company NANIKO.

Best opportunities and conditions car rental in Kutaisi Airport from Naniko!

Following step after renting a car in our company your journey will start immediately. You wii be able to choose destination, invent your own tours and that way make the errantry special. Renting a car can avoid you from tame stuff like is standing in a row of public transport with your heavy handbags. Flying on plane is on its own wearing process and additional rows make this steamy process more tiresome. To avoid all this boring stuff all you have to do is rent a car in Naniko- car rental company. Our service provides you with all the necessary things that will be useful. For example in case if your companions are children while traveling we own baby chairs that will be the guarantee of secure and comfortable car trip for your child. like a foreigner who doesn’t clarify in the local roads you can use GPS instead of map. You can just visit our website, choose the car by knowing very little details about it. Like is price and types of vehicle, our service packages and other. You can choose car by the number of travelers i your group. For instance if you are on journey with big family or many friends you will be needing car that will be comfortable for each person in your group. So you can choose flexible minivan. In case you are curious in going in mountains it will be more suitable for your trip to rent the kind of car that will be guarantee of comfortable journey.

Customer supporting and exclusive services from Naniko – Car rent in Kutaisi airport to ensure your best stay!

When you will pass the passport control you can rent a car from naniko at Kutaisi airport and choose the flexible packet for you this way your requirements will be highly performed. All you need to use our service is ID card or passport and in addition it is required to have an international standard driving license.
While renting a car the company requires an amount of deposit. If case of returning the car in the identical conditions as the car was when you rented it will be fully refund. All cars that are in possession of company are full Casco and the rental process includes the insurance. Kutaisi international airport is located 14 km away from city Kutaisi.

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