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Northern Ireland is a land with an intriguing contrasts, where in the surrounding of fascinating landscapes emerge in the minds the pictures of exciting clash of good and evil. Its capital Belfast is disposed at the mouth of the Lagan River and the hills of which the city is encircled from the north-west, served as inspiration for Gulliver’s travels in the novel by Jonathan Swift. City for many years has been dominated by disagreements between Catholics and Protestants, but after the peace agreements of the nineties became much calmer and considerably blossomed in recent years. To date, there can spend time with quite fun and see the interesting tourist attractions.

The populace of Belfast is approximately 600,000 inhabitants, half of which live in the suburbs.

If you indeed want to experience the true spirit of Northern Ireland, to feel yourself as a part of living history, it is wise to rent a car in Belfast and without restrictions visit the city and its surroundings, exploring the corners of untouched landscapes and fairy-tale charm of this region.

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For receiving the car, you must have a valid passport, driver’s license and credit card.

During a few hours you will receive a voucher confirming your reservation, where are all the details of your order.

To annul or change your booking you will not have to pay the fines, if the procedure is performed 48 hours before the beginning of the lease.

Our super low prices initially given with included fees and the cost of insurance. Also provided the millage without restrictions and free roadside assistance.

The range of auxiliary accessories and additional services can be ordered and paid for in our offices.

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Belfast can be described as a city of music in all its variety and forms, traditional, classical, country, jazz, blues or rock. But what can be noted as really special feature is a folk music which touches the deepest strings of the soul in which sounds the true character of the nation.

Belfast is presented to visitors as a true architectural gem of the Victorian era, which is specifically well expressed in the clock tower, built in honor of the Prince Consort Albert and which is very similar to Big Ben. The historic center of Belfast is spread around the square of Donegal and Belfast City Hall, which was built in the classical style and in the center of which stands a memorial to the victims of the Titanic.

You can not overlook visiting the green areas of the city, one of the most remarkable among which is the Botanical Garden. Known for its Palm home, this botanical garden offers a wonderful relaxing time among a variety of species of plants and flowers.

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