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Car rental in Bari. Compare conditions for rent a car by Naniko

If Paris had the sea, it would be a little Bari. – This is a popular proverb, in depth of which the truth really lies. Bari is a city with thousands of resources, is an excellent starting point for your holidays in Puglia. In the past, Bari longer considered as a commercial city, and for this reason was less in demand from the tourist point of view, but in recent years the city has experienced a restyling and changing its image, in short period has become most vibrant and lively tourist centers in the south. The capital of Puglia inhabit about 320 000 inhabitants and there is a vast metropolitan area. Here you can find many unexpected treasures, beginning with the beautiful Borgo Antico and medieval churches, elegant houses, the castle of Oscar Frederick and the magnificent waterfront.

To better experience the fascination of the land of Puglia, to see the city and all the wonderful province, the best solution is to hire a car in Bari, pre-booked via By car you can easily navigate to the most interesting places in the province, while remaining free from the schedules of public transport.

Get the relax and comfort with the best services of auto rental in Bari from the international company Naniko!

Our rates are all inclusive, with already comprised taxes and car insurance, so other expenses and hidden costs you will not find. You can get information about the prices for additional services in advance.

In some cases, with special promotions and bonus programs, you can get a GPS system or other accessories with the vehicle. But in another period any extra services have to be ordered and paid separately.

Pay attention to the condition that if your driver’s license issued in unreadable language in the country of rent, such as Chinese, you must have also the relevant document of international standard.

Very convenient option is an additional driver if you are not traveling alone. Another driver must also provide his own documents at registration of the lease contract and will receive the respective rights and obligations.

In our flee offered diverse classes of vehicles by style and technical data, among which you will choose exactly what you need without problems.

Winter tires we provide for free to the appropriate season, but ski racks and snow chains or other winter accessories are provided for your choice and are complementary services.

Discover unforgettable places of beautiful city with vehicle rented in Bari from Naniko!

Bari, being among the most populous and important cities of southern Italy, is also a true gem in terms of its architectural wonders of the historic center of Bari Vecchia. The ancient Basilica of St. Nicholas is a perfect example of the Romanesque style and is located near the sea.

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