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Travel by car rent in Verona. Preferable conditions for rent a car by Naniko

Determined as one of the most attractive cities of Italy, Verona gained its fame thanks to Shakespeare’s love story of Romeo and Juliet, but not only. Verona rightly named as Little Rome, because of the important role played in Roman times. Verona by its scales is the twelfth city in the country with a populace of about 243.000 inhabitants. At different stages of history there have been several waves of immigration, but currently, the prevalent majority of the population of Italian origin.

Through Verona flows the river Adige and is in close proximity is the Lake Garda. The convenient location at the foot of the Dolomites makes it obtainable to carry out a trip from Verona to interesting local village.

From the moment of arrival you can be assured with a convenient means of transportation if in advance you will reserve the car rent in Verona via the site of The presence of the machine will allow you to readily discover the charm of this city of art, studying the architectural masterpieces of various epochs, typical for the center.

Your auto rental in Verona from Naniko awaits you with the best conditions for the opening of the whole world!

During the term of the lease you will be provided by the necessary conditions for you to choose from the original range of different packages, which include such as short or long term rentals, corporate leasing, one-way rentals and more.

Different classes of cars that you can choose according to your preferences presented in our extensive fleet. If you need a flexible city car, choose one of our small cars with economical fuel consumption, there are elegant sedans and executive class cars for special occasions or business trip, reliable SUVs for country and mountain trips and much more.

Tracing updates on our site you can find in different periods the special offers, bonus programs and discounts.

Our rates that you get initially include all taxes and car insurance Casco, implying full protection SCDW. For detailed information about this insurance product will be able to inquire into the relevant section or from our experts.

Take advantage of the entire spectrum of benefits provided by Naniko on vehicle rental in Verona!

Your fascinating tour in Verona, you can start viewing the buildings from Roman times, contemplating the impressive size of the arena, which was the largest amphitheater of time and acting to this day for the famous opera festivals and other important musical events. Here you can admire the ancient Roman gates, which gave access to the city, among which are the Porta Borsari, Porta Leoni and Gavi Arch. You can then immerse yourself into the viewing Verona of the era of Venetian rule, and then move to the Austrian period.

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