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The best car rental in Turin. Cheap packages for rent a car with Naniko

Turin is the first historical capital of Italy, which is still kept all the monumental and elegant style of Savoy imprinted for centuries. Here you meet the broad avenues, magnificent palaces and squares of a certain style and the river Po, crossing the city, which creates a romantic atmosphere that makes it look like a little Paris. Turin actually has the unique style that really need to explore with the calm, almost tasting it like a gourmet dessert Gianduiotto. Visiting the huge Square of Castello, you can admire the magnificent Royal Palace and the beautiful Palazzo Madama, with incomparable Baroque facade.

In short, with all the diversity and multiplicity of sites, of course, it is convenient to have a car rented in Turin, moving on which will be obtainable  much more. You can reach the romantic Parco del Valentino, which is surrounded by beautiful green nature, you can relax in a medieval village, visit the cathedral and the nearby chapel of Guarini.

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Acknowledgment of your order you will receive within a few hours after booking. Online reservations must be made possible for 24 hours prior of departure. This time is required to ensure rapid order processing and delivery of the vehicle.

In most cases, with our vehicles have the possibility to cross border of country of lease, but it is necessary to have special permission from our company.

For payment of reservation is possible to use prepaid cards in the main driver’s name, also is the need to pay the deposit amount in the moment vehicle pick up.

If you have the necessity of change or annulment of reservation, you can do it in the appropriate section or through our customer service. Cancellation is free of charge 48 hours prior of receiving the car.

You can carry out the rental, if the driver is at least 21 years or no older than 75 years. Some rental agencies require for this additional cost, but our company does not have any.

The option of additional driver implies his physical presence when you make a contract, and the presence of valid driver’s license.

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Turin Province extends in Pinerolo, in the picturesque area of the Val di Susa, surrounded on the east by mountain areas. It is characterized by the alternation of different landscapes, from the magnificent Alps, vast meadows and forests, and to huge expanses of vineyards. In the region there are many protected areas, as for example a natural reserve of Sacro Monte di Belmonte and the wonderful National Park of Gran Paradiso.

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