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Offers of car rental in Skopje Airport. Best rent a car from Naniko

Skopje is an ancient city and its history dates back to the Neolithic period. The city is disposed near the Varde River and is on its way to Athens. In recent years there has been considerable development of advanced structures for tourism, which resulted in the fact that the Skopje Airport has become a very busy place. Due to its rich cultural patrimony and numerous tourist destinations, here comes a large number of visitors every year.

The vast number of tourists or business people prefer to have a guaranteed means of travel in their own possession, rather than depend on the schedule of public transportation. Therefore, car rent at the airport in Skopje is the most popular and relevant services and it is best to book in advance via the convenient booking system of

Take the privilege of the best way to travel and facilities of auto rental at Skopje airport from Naniko!

As a result of years of experience to date, we can provide services in all major cities and airports of the country and meet all your needs for business and leisure, wherever its required.

All our rates are with comprised taxes and car insurance, and you get a millage without restrictions and free roadside assistance.

We do not add any hidden charges or interest of the service for using a credit card and all prices for any extra services  are indicated separately.

Modification or cancellation you will be able to carry out for free, but subject to two days before the ordered services.

All vehicles that we offer in our extensive fleet, always meet modern standards and in perfect technical condition.

Our multi-lingual team of customer support is always available and ready to help for you if you need help.

If for greater comfort and safety you need assistive devices such as navigators, child seats, luggage basket, winter accessories, and more, you can order them and pay in our offices.

From the range of additional services is also possible to allocate the service of professional drivers of our company, convenient for those who wish to fully relax in the trip.

Thank you for choosing the rent a car in Skopje Airport from Naniko and wish a safe and enjoyable trip!

Skopje Airport is also renowned as Alexander the Great’s airport and is the busier of the two existing Macedonian airports. Civil flights were introduced in 1929. Big tourist boom in the country contributed to the increase in passenger traffic, which annually reaches nearly a million people. The airport provides a full range of necessary services for travelers.

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