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More info about car rental in Riga. Lucrative deal for rent a car with Naniko

Riga is a real pearl of the Baltic and is often called the Paris of the North. There are a huge number of buildings in the Art Nouveau and of wooden architecture. Visit of Riga is best to start with the part that held the medieval town located around the Cathedral, and then get to the Riga Castle, construction of which dates back to 1330, also see the Powder Tower. Continuing the visit in the zone of Old Town, you can see a beautiful palace in the Art Deco style, built in the period of the Hanseatic League. As examples of local architecture, it is needful to note such buildings as the Cat House and House of the Blackheads, which are associated with the past of the city. In the central part of Riga, one can see three of the oldest edifices which called as Three brothers.

With a car rent in Riga you will get the opportunity to drive toward the beautiful beaches of the Baltic littoral, which are located in close proximity, also nature lovers will appreciate to go to the Natural Park of Gauja.

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During the booking, when you choose a car, make sure that all its options suit you and match your skills as a driver. This is important, for example, when choosing a car with a manual or automatic transmission, or other details.

When receiving the car from our part we always recommend that you carefully inspect the vehicle in the presence of a representative of our company and then sign the act of reception. If you will discover any defects that happens very rarely, necessarily put in prominence our employee.

If your trip is planned in mountainous areas or over rough terrain, where you can meet off-road, the sandy road and another, and you are not sure whether you will be able to drive a 4×4 through a complex path, we will offer you the services of qualified chauffeurs with superb knowing of any routes.

Our rates are always including taxes and car insurance.

The minimal age for carry out the rental, as a rule, is 21 years old. In certain cases, there may be other criteria, about which is better to get information from our operators.

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Besides of its historical and architectural wealth, Riga offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment and shopping. There are boutiques of high fashion brands, but can be also discovered interesting products and souvenirs in the quaint memories of a wonderful trip. You can enjoy a pleasant evening in countless cozy pubs, night clubs and enjoy the delicious cuisine in traditional restaurants.