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Discover the interesting offers of auto rental at Prague airport. Information for rent a car from Naniko

Prague is the largest of the cities of Czech Republic, which has a compelling charm of its rich cultural and architectural attractions. It is full of palaces, museums and monuments, also of the incomparable medieval castles. Although the historical heritage is evident on every corner, Prague is also a cosmopolitan city and a great place for lively and full of emotions travel. Prague Castle is the largest one, with a high tower of which opens a great view of the Cathedral of St. Vitus of early 10th century, the construction of which was going on for a long time. Here you can admire the Gothic interior, St. Wenceslas Chapel and see the memorial tomb of fighters for the liberty of the nation.

Take your ride with a reliable auto rented in Prague Airport at interesting offers from Naniko!

Payment of rental services can be made by you immediately when booking by online payment or directly in our office.

In our company operates a car delivery service at desired for you address, and if necessary delivery to the airport pre-specify the exact data of the flight, to have an accession to the information in event of delay or cancellation of the schedule.

In any occasion, the lease period is taken on the basis of 24 hours as a day of service and the period stipulated originally fixed in the lease agreement. Later, if you change your plans, you can always extend the lease period.

Presented on our website prices are always include the taxes and the cost of insurance.

Frequently there are special offers, discounts or as a bonus you will be provided with free extra accessories.

Type of vehicle which suits your travel style can choose from a wide diapason of our fleet. There are the most reliable and advanced models from economical small cars to luxury models.

Your driving experience will be a pleasure with vehicle rented in Prague Airport from international provider Naniko!

The international airport of Prague-Ruzyně is the largest Czech airport and is disposed 10 km from the city center. The airport was built and opened in 1937, but for many decades, passed a series of renovations and changes, passenger flow is more than 12 million people annually. Not once it was nominated as the best airport in Europe and received the corresponding premium.

The airport is the main hub of Czech Airlines and here are four terminals serving domestic and international flights also charter, private and public flights. Given the significantly increased traffic at the airport is planned to add a third runway and upgrade of existing terminals.

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