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Malta is disposed in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily and is an archipelago consisting of several small islands, but  inhabited are only the three largest of them: Malta, Gozo and Camino. Malta has a relatively small size – 316 square kilometers and it is very convenient to explore on auto rented in Malta. Through this service you can really discover the many hidden corners and secluded beauty of this picturesque island.

Start your way on economical auto rental in Malta from Naniko and wander through the magnificent island!

Road signs are in English, so you will not have problems to navigate around the island. Malta is well equipped with GPS systems, and for greater convenience you can order a navigation device at our rental stations, if needed.

All our employees are always ready and happy to provide with any information about the rent issues and also the directions of travel.

Among the assistive devices are also available safety seats for children, which is better to reserve at time of booking, but are also available at the reception of the car. In Malta, seat belts must be fastened permanently, while children under the age of 12 years cannot sit in the front seat.

Since Malta has sunny climate throughout the year, it is recommended to choose a car with air conditioning to make your stay more enjoyable. In our extensive fleet you can choose a vehicle equipped accordingly.

All our vehicles are of modern configurations and always in immaculate condition. After each rental period vehicles undergo compulsory technical inspection.

For all of our cars provided the unlimited mileage, which gives you at no additional cost for the made kilometers, to explore more interesting places.

Always at your disposition the vehicle rental in Malta from Naniko – the perfect way to discover the Mediterranean island!

Coastal towns and countryside are full of life and offers a variety of activities to entertain countless tourists. Here you can practice scuba diving, or lie down on the sandy beach, just north of Mellieha Bay, and even further in the direction of the fantastic Golden Bay. Returning towards the center, you can see the Mdina – the ancient capital of Malta, placed on the hills of nearby Rabat. The ancient walls of Mdina keep many secrets of the turbulent past of Malta. In this elegant and quiet town with a beautiful view, you can feel the sense of history of the island. Among the other popular attractions of Malta may be noted fascinating temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra and the Hypogeum, an underground necropolis, which continues to baffle experts.

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