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Choosing a car rental in Madrid and rent a car at the best rates from Naniko

Madrid, being the largest city in Spain and also its capital, is focusing a lot of offices of multinational companies, the country’s parliament and is home to the royal family of Spain.
This is a real metropolis, where many workers are employed in the public sector. The populace of Madrid is about 3 million people. Every year the city is visited by millions of tourists, attracted by the interesting museums, a vibrant nightlife and all the rest.

If you have not used the services of car rent in Madrid at a glance the booking process may seem a little complicated or full of unexpected expenses. That is why the company Naniko has found a new approach to this activity and simply and clearly provided its customers with an opportunity to verify the exceptional quality of services and lower tariffs. To make sure that this is not just words, it is enough to read the reviews of our many appreciative customers.

Make sure yourself at economical prices for auto rental in Madrid from Naniko and start a trip in complete tranquility!

Here are the benefits that you get when booking with us:
Pay for services you can of your choice when booking or on arrival directly in our offices.
Tariffs available with the system all inclusive, including taxes and insurance policy for RC cars and other risks.

Unlimited mileage will allow you to easily overcome any distance and without the need to worry and pay extra for the made kilometers.

Terms of cooperation set out with simplicity and clarity on our site, and if necessary, you can always get advice over the phone from our polite operators or professionals.

Policy fuel is regulated in accordance with the different options and the most appropriate one you can choose by yourself. So, the option Full / Full involves obtaining car with a full tank and return it in the same condition. In this way you do not need to pay anything.
When choosing a full / empty option car is provided with a full tank and return with the empty, but full tank cost you have to pay on the spot.

Get the best driving experience for vehicle rental in Madrid from Naniko and save more of your budget!

Madrid is well equipped with public transport system. There are numerous bus lines, subway, and regional trains. Given the scale of the city the best form of public transport in Madrid is considered to be the metro, which has a fairly extensive network.
In Madrid, a fairly saturated traffic, especially during peak hours. There are plenty of parking areas, which are designated as P and the cost is 1 euro per hour. It is not recommended to leave the car on the sidewalk, because you can get a large fine and even the car can be confiscated.

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