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Macedonia is placed in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula and has no outlet to the sea, and in the recent past was a part of Yugoslavia. To date, Macedonia has a populace of about two million inhabitants and is an independent country with official language of Macedonian and the capital in Skopje. The religious composition of the state is divided so that approximately 65% of the nation belongs to the Orthodox Church, and about 33% are Muslims. The country was subjected to strong destabilization during the war in Kosovo.

The perfect alternative to the public transport is a car rent in Macedonia, and indeed is essential for those who desire to enjoy the fullness of the charm of this country. This comfortable mean that lets you experience the charm of the cities, starting from Skopje, and follow the path of any studies of monasteries and natural attractions scattered throughout the territory of Macedonia. On for you offered many interesting alternatives of low cost and the absolute guarantee of quality.

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Macedonia can be considered as a true natural paradise in the heart of Europe, with all the abundance of mountains, lakes and rivers. Three national parksare presented here, Mavrovo, Galicica and Pelister, more than 50 lakes and sixteen mountain peaks exceeding 2,000 meters. Although life here goes on and keeps up with modern times, but overall, you can find the historical ruins and idyllic villages that are for centuries have remained virtually unchanged, where you can visit the city of Ohrid, famous for its lake and themonastery of incredible beauty. In this lake is the purest water and the coastline is characterized by lush vegetation. As is known, Orhid lake is among the oldest ones on the planet, which was formed as a result of the earthquake from 2 to 5 million years ago.

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