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Find the car rental in Luxembourg. Use the advantages for rent a car from Naniko

Luxembourg is a country of the European Union with a quite small dimensions. Located between Germany, France and Belgium, Luxembourg has its own national language Luxembourgish, meanwhile, both French and German are the official languages.
The country has no outlet to the sea, so you can get here only by land or by air. From Findel airport has regular flights to various countries. Domestically, there is an excellent road network and moving by car rent in Luxembourg is a very reasonable way. The Grand Duchy has a population of only 420,000 inhabitants. Although Luxembourg is a country of very small scale, but it should be noted the fact that here is the largest number in the world of restaurants with a Michelin star per square kilometer.

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To receive an auto the main driver must provide with his personal documents and payment card in his name, to cover the deposit and any additional services booked on the spot.

The main driver, also any additional drivers must present a valid driver’s license in Latin, otherwise also required one of international standard.

To pay for the ordered services are accepted most of the online payment methods, bank transfer or cash in the respective local currency.

You can change your reservation by following according rules. The procedure can be carried out free of charge, subject to the two-day interval before the start of the lease. However, it should be noted that the change of the rental period or model of the car may also entail a change in the overall cost.

Although Naniko provides with the rates with already include taxes and insurance, there are additional services that are paid on the spot.

All auxiliary accessories such as child seats, GPS, snow chains, ski holders and more are available in our offices.

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If you are attracted by ancient castles, strolling in the area of forests and valleys of the Ardennes, you can find half-hidden in the dense thickets the castles and old fortifications. It is impossible to overlook the beautiful medieval castle of Vianden, or the stunning Clervaux. For those who are attracted to more adventurous trip, it will be interesting to visit Mullerthal, or little Switzerland, where you can admire curious rock formations, streams, springs and forests which are ideal for hikes and outdoor excursions. Meanwhile, the Moselle region is distinguished by its magnificent royal wines. You can visit the wineries, beautiful vineyards and certainly taste the local delicacies.