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Lithuanian state is in Northern Europe, has a populace of about 3.5 million inhabitants. On the western side the country bordering by the Baltic Sea. Lithuania’s landscape is mainly represented by plain territory interspersed with forests and lakes. The highest point is Aukstojas at 294 m of height. Climatic conditions are a mixture of maritime and continental, respectively, there are relatively cold winters and breezy summers. Its metropolis Vilnius is placed on the banks of the River Neris and has approximately 550.000 inhabitants. Lithuania is rich in tourist destinations for lovers of historical attractions, also in terms of natural resources.

In recent years, Lithuania has become a very popular tourist destination and it is especially pleasant to explore on car rented in Lithuania. Moving in this way, you will be able to visit any place on your choice and at your own pace. The best range of vehicles and the most favorable rates can be found via the site of

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The machine that you pre-book through our system can be delivered to the place that you will specify by yourself, otherwise the point of reception of the car will be one of our offices listed on your voucher.

You provided with the tariffs, which initially include all taxes and car insurance, taking into account the responsibility towards third parties, covers of damage or theft.

Our company also gives a bonus of unlimited mileage which allows to learn any routes at no complementary cost. And in case of unforeseen problems on the road you will be provided with free technical assistance.

Our reservations center is available around the clock, at any time you can contact our courteous operators who will provide you with the needed info.

When canceling or making correction of the order, you will not incur any additional costs or penalties if perform the procedure two days prior the start of hire date.

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The vast historical heritage distinguishes Lithuania from the other Baltic States; once it was the largest state in Europe. On the territory of the whole country are monuments that convey the history of that times. To get the most from this trip and feel the atmosphere of the old and present days , you cannot miss the chance to visit such places as the archaeological site and museum of Kernave, Trakai Castle, Kaunas Castle, the historic center of Vilnius, Gediminas Tower and much more. Famous resorts of Druskininkai and Birštonas recommended both because of its hot springs and mud, and because of the exceptional beauty of the area.

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