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Immersed in the whole range of lovely Alpine meadows, the Austrian city of Innsbruck is an ideal launching place to the best ski slopes in Europe. Generously endowed by nature with heavy snowfalls, Innsbruck is also often an important capital of winter sports activities. Historical roots of the city go deep into the Roman times. The town is full of exciting and different attractions, including the special charm of botanical garden and the highest zoo in Europe, called the Alpenzoo. Original symbol of Innsbruck is decorated Golden roof of the museum of the same name in the Gothic style. The city has many churches that are an integral part of its architectural heritage.

The central location of the city contributes to consider it as the perfect point for start traveling in different directions, in nearby locations in Austria, Switzerland, Italy or Germany. Therefore, if you take advantage of the wonderful services by Naniko for car hire from Innsbruck Airport, you will receive a package of services and the most reasonable price to you for the most suitable travel style.

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Innsbruck Airport is among the largest in Austria. It is especially loaded in the winter, when activated by the flow of travelers coming here to enjoy the Austrian ski slopes. There is a well-established rail link to the city, also bus lines.
At the airport are not any hotels, but provided the spectrum of required services for travelers.